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Gaius Developments Inc. is a studio based in the lower mainland of British Columbia offering architecture, model rendering designs, interior design, landscaping, spatial planning and consulting services.

We are a multi-generational studio of design professionals who strive to be exposed to the widest array of experiences possible to help our clients grow, sustain and transgress. Regardless of scale, we study ways to make every project by the Gaius Developments a positive difference in the lives of its occupants. Our architectural process has multiple disciplines in the balance of functional, productive and well designed spaces to unify the experiences of both indoors and outdoors.

Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that allowed us to grow and respond to prospective challenges through inquiry, collaboration and the constant strive of creative ways to seek for solutions. We value thinkings that inspire ideas beyond aesthetics and transforms a purposeful area into memorable places that connects ideas, people and spaces. As a provider of design and service excellence, we invite you on this architectural journey together.


Good designs bring in quality of life.

Our designs are contextual and we specialize in a number of services and project types including:


As consultants, we help our clients make better decisions about how they manage their assets and guide them along the process.


Our designers work hand in hand with craftsmen to strategise designs for higher productivity and visual impact.


Our design allows for communication with clients in both exterior and interior aesthetics which provides higher flexibility, creativity and innovation.


We connect our client's vision by rendering in three dimensional space for a higher standard of brand experience.


Through our in-house contracting services, we progress through the projects with accuracy and efficiency in every detail.

Building Permits

We prepare building permits for various cities in the lower mainland accordly to municipal bylaws.


Designed living room space with couch and kitchen

Custom Residential Designs

Homemaking is the centerpiece of our practice. Our approach brings an abundance of market experience to our residential works. The result is a brilliant setting that relates to their surroundings and incite feelings of home.

Past Projects


    3D rendered store front

    Commercial Interior Renovation Designs

    We create unique solid, emotional, and transformative experiences that promotes health, functionalities and performances. Our approach to design allows for candid communication with clients, entailing their vision into reality for an elevated brand experience.


    • Rendering
    • Interior Designs
    • Interior Floor Plans

    Past Projects


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      Yi Kai J. Lee

      Operations Manager

      Rinku Bhatia

      Senior Project Manager


      Timothy Kuo

      Project Manager

      Brian Foreman

      Construction Foreman

      Jas Nguyen

      Land Development

      Sutton Group - West Coast Realty

      Kha Nguyen

      Lead Designer

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